No need some specific qualification. Just you have to know the basic Internet Browsing knowledge is enough to do this job.
yes you can work in offline on your flexible timings.
Yes, You can choose your desired package. Based on that you need to pay to the company. Your Registration is free is absolutely refundable when you quits the work. Most of the works comes with free subscription too.
There is no time limit to reach the target. You can utilize your own time without having any target.
You can do this work from your home if you have your any desktop or laptop & internet connection, or also you can do it from any outside cyber cafe.
You can do this work in part time or full time. If you need you can take the gap of some days during your work.
Yes most of the advertiser organizations needonly limited worker for this work.
To start your work just fill the Registration form and choose the package you want and get paid on daily basis..

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